Yoga mat

I love my Form yoga mat!

They are so pretty, high performance and sustainable. What’s not to love!

Form create the awesome circular mats like mine and also beautiful rectangular ones.

I love my mat so much that I have become an affiliate partner for Form.

You can take a look at their range of mats here –

January Yoga & Brunch

Me and this gorgeous yoga crew kicked off Saturday morning in the best way with sunrise yoga followed by brunch at Mes Amis in Beckington!

Starting with a lovely sunrise yoga practice from 8am-9am, we then walked down to the cafe together for a brunch of avocado and poached eggs on sourdough, not to mention hot drinks and homemade fresh juices – delicious!

This brunch sold out in a couple of days, so don’t miss our Feb one on Saturday 2nd and book now!

Email: or visit our class page for more info.


Why I’m a All About The Om

One of the main things I love about yoga is helping people allow themselves to feel good about themselves.

We all have so many pressures on us, so much expectation and yet with yoga, it’s not about self improvement, it’s about self acceptance.

It really doesn’t matter if you ‘can’t touch your toes’ or are ‘not flexible at all’. Come to the mat to bend a little…or a lot…whatever you need. No one is judging you.

Don’t worry if you’ve never practiced yoga before – that’s amazing! You get to experience everything for the first time, get to see what you’re capable of. That’s an incredible feeling.

Don’t like to wear Lycra? Me neither! Wear what you feel comfortable in.

Having a bad day and ‘exercise’ is the last thing you want to do? Yoga will give you a massive ‘hug’ and perhaps that’s actually what you need.

The list goes on, doesn’t it? The reasons we stop ourselves doing things, the reasons we tell ourselves we aren’t capable.

Well, you are.

You are capable.

You are everything you need to be.

Om. The ultimate reality. Your reality.

That’s why I am all about the Om!


All About the Om Gets Published!

Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 13.40.59

Some of you may have seen on my instagram (hard to miss it as I was very excited and that was reflected in the number of my posts!) that Om Yoga Magazine published my piece on chair yoga this month.

We often think we can only practice yoga when in a class, or on the mat, but chair yoga is so great to do in the middle of your day. We spend so much time in our lives seated (driving, at a desk, travelling etc.) and so doing a few simple postures to help open our hearts and roll back our shoulder can be great.

Why not pick up a copy of the magazine this month and you can also see my video on my youtube page.

Make sure you share you pictures with me on social media, using the hashtag #allabouttheom


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