Yoga mat

I love my Form yoga mat!

They are so pretty, high performance and sustainable. What’s not to love!

Form create the awesome circular mats like mine and also beautiful rectangular ones.

I love my mat so much that I have become an affiliate partner for Form.

You can take a look at their range of mats here –

All About the Om at Fromie Gifts

I am so, so excited to announce that the wonderful Fromie Gifts in Frome is now stocking the gorgeous All About The Om sweatshirts.

As part of the range that Nicky who owns the store is selling, is an exclusive light grey version of the jumper, which you can only get in store!

Nicky is also running a competition for people to share their New Years Intentions for the wall in the shop. One will be picked at random and that lucky winner will get a pass to one free yoga class with me!

They are also doing a cool new intentions wellbeing box which you should totally take a look at!

Make sure you visit Fromie Gifts on Stoney Street soon to get yours and enjoy supporting small, local businesses.



In the moment

Oh, beautiful lights!

It’s the little things that can make us smile and feel happy.

Allow yourself to stop a moment and appreciate what’s going on around you.

Life is so hectic and I know it’s so hard to stay in the moment, but every now and again, give it a try.

I loved being at the Longleat Festival of Light over the ‘twixmas’ period. Seeing the joy on my niece and nephew’s faces at the lights and following the characters.

Happy new year!


Teachers’ Temple

I had the pleasure of recently attending a teachers’ temple day retreat with the awesome Steffy White. The event was held at 42 Acres in Shoreditch which was such a gorgeous venue – just the place to take some time to look inwards!

As a yoga teacher, sometimes your own practice goes out of the window a little as you strive to create the best classes for your students.

So this retreat was just what I needed.

Starting with a strong flow sequence, we built up a sweat and got moving. Then the retreat moved to more inward looking activities – Why did we choose to be yoga teachers? How do we really feel about being a teacher? Time to reflect.

A bit of a silent disco got us losing some of our inhibitions and getting our boogie on! (Also, turns out, it’s a really good cardio exercise!)

We even got to try some Acro Yoga which was a lot of fun!

Whoever you are and whatever you do, remember, it’s so important to look after yourselves.




Why I’m a All About The Om

One of the main things I love about yoga is helping people allow themselves to feel good about themselves.

We all have so many pressures on us, so much expectation and yet with yoga, it’s not about self improvement, it’s about self acceptance.

It really doesn’t matter if you ‘can’t touch your toes’ or are ‘not flexible at all’. Come to the mat to bend a little…or a lot…whatever you need. No one is judging you.

Don’t worry if you’ve never practiced yoga before – that’s amazing! You get to experience everything for the first time, get to see what you’re capable of. That’s an incredible feeling.

Don’t like to wear Lycra? Me neither! Wear what you feel comfortable in.

Having a bad day and ‘exercise’ is the last thing you want to do? Yoga will give you a massive ‘hug’ and perhaps that’s actually what you need.

The list goes on, doesn’t it? The reasons we stop ourselves doing things, the reasons we tell ourselves we aren’t capable.

Well, you are.

You are capable.

You are everything you need to be.

Om. The ultimate reality. Your reality.

That’s why I am all about the Om!