Meet Kat!

Kat from Kalindi Yoga is a fabulous yoga teacher based in Bristol and Frome and I am delighted that she will be covering my classes when I am away. Here she gives you and insight into her yoga journey…

“My yoga journey started in 2012. I took my first class in Rishikesh in India while travelling and returned to the UK desperate to find an experience that matched. I came across my teacher’s website, Yogaprema, and kept returning to it day after day before finding the courage to try a class out. Lila, the founder, became my guru (although she’d never say that herself!) and I decided to take my teacher training with her in 2014.

Five years on and I am now a self-employed yoga teacher teaching classes in our lovely town of Frome, Bath and Bristol. I am trained in the Sivananda tradition. This is a traditional Hatha yoga practice offering a meditative and mindful practice. The Sivananda tradition encourages the student to turn inwards, to notice what’s going on in their body and mind. As we hold the postures, rather than moving dynamically through them, there is plenty of time to notice any resistance you have, notice your breath and drop in to the postures to go deeper.

I have such a passion for teaching yoga and teach from my heart in every class. Yoga for me is about exploring your body, noticing where your tensions lie and working with those to release through the breath. It’s about bringing a stillness to the body which in turn brings a stillness to your mind. If we can learn to be comfortable in our body, we can learn to be quiet in our mind. We spend so much time up in our heads thinking about the past and the future. When we step on to our yoga mat, it’s the one time we can give ourselves to be free from those thoughts, connect sincerely to our breath and relax. Truly and deeply relax.

The focus in my classes is on breath and alignment. The more we can connect to what our body is doing, the more grounded we become. Therefore, I tend to explain the minute sensations your body may be experiencing, helping you to connect deeply to yourself. And hopefully helping you notice something about your body you have never witnessed before! It is within the stillness in the mind that we feel most at peace. This is what we are searching for through our yoga practice.

One thing I’d like to give you is a quote that summarises the true meaning of yoga for me, “The mind controls our feelings of pleasure and pain. Control of the mind is the highest yoga” – Swami Sivananda. 

I teach in Frome on Saturdays 11am-12.30pm (mixed ability class) and Thursdays 8-9am (beginners class) at the HUBnub centre, upstairs studio. You can find all my classes, including those in Bath and Bristol, on my website at”

Our New Branding

Enjoy this guest blog post from Louise at Little Bird Creative, the fab designer who created the new All About the Om look!

Taking time out to nurture your brand is often overlooked.

Your brand identity represents not only who you are but how you are viewed by
the world, and in social media terms, the world is always watching. With a
background in Marketing, Kate knew the importance of visual identity and the
need for a strong logo to reflect her yoga business, All About the Om.

A mere six months on from company registration and Kate has established a
healthy client base, who not only love her style of teaching, but her line of super
soft cotton vest tops and sweatshirts.

I was delighted when Kate approached me with this commission. Having initially
connected through the online forum, Wiltshire Women in Business, we arranged
to meet for coffee and talk through the brief. Kate was looking for a emblem,
something she could use both online and as a signature icon for her apparel.
With a clear idea expressed in pencil, I had my starting point; AOM, bold lines,
very simple. I was also keen to include the soft font used on the sweatshirts.

Kate had already created a recognisable logo but it wasn’t part of her stationery.
The final avatar design is a geometric contrast to this softness with simplicity at
it’s core. Bold, metallic lines convey balance, strength and unity with a dash of

Louise Scammell is Founder of Little Bird Creative @LittleBirdCreativeUK.

Real Life Wellness – By Nicky Bragg

Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet, no one really knows how to do it!

As a busy mum, business woman, wife, friend and daughter I know that life can easily become as confusing and as overwhelming as an elasticated expanse of white cotton fabric.

We frequently hear how we should prioritise wellness and take time for ourselves and I’m sure I’m not alone in craving some sun on my face and a good book. However, selfcare doesn’t need to be equal to three weeks in the Maldives, it can be practiced every day – yes –  even when we’re super busy.

A beautiful smelling shower gel, an uplifting aromatherapy roller, a walk, 10 mins of yoga, a really good cuppa and a square (or three) of chocolate, will all tick that box.

Pretty packaging and unique products make us value things in higher regard somehow. It’s all about how things feel and how you place value on an experience.

As a newbie to retail, both online and in my little shop in Frome, I have witnessed that we show others we truly care by buying the most thoughtful gifts. But, when was the last time you spoiled yourself?

I am actively making sure that 2019 is the year that I ensure, once a week I do something, or buy something just for me. It’s actually easier than I thought.

So, I guess my advice is; stop thinking ‘bigger picture’ and thinking ‘wellness’… it’s just as intimidating as that bed sheet!

Simply think small and #treatyourselfwell.

Nicky Bragg is founder of Fromie Gifts and champions independent makers and suppliers from Frome.

Yoga – A ‘Proper’ workout!

“I don’t want to do yoga, because I want a ‘proper’ workout” – this is something I often hear from people…who have never tried yoga!

Don’t get me wrong; some linages of yoga, especially yin are really gorgeous ways to calm the body and mind, with a relaxing, deep stretch. In yin yoga, you are likely to do only five or so postures in one session, but each one is held for several minutes, so you can really deepen into the stretch.

However, yoga can demand a lot more strength (both physically and mentally) than many people think. My lovely students quite often leave my All About the Om yoga classes in Frome with a real sweat on!

Many yoga poses take a lot of stamina to remain in for a prolonged period of time, with good posture and alignment. Take chair pose for example: your core has to engage and really work hard to maintain a good posture. Your thighs feel like they are on fire and your whole body is likely to get a bit of shake going! This is when the breath is even more important – yogis use breath to allow them to focus and remain in an asana (yoga posture) for a longer period of time. 

Sun salutations involve a good amount of cardio as well as strength.  The yogi moves into a new posture on every inhalation and every exhalation. The steady pace of the vinyasa flow gets the heart rate racing and your body temperature rising, particularly when the whole sequence is repeated multiple times. 

There are no doubt other great ways to workout, but the great thing about incorporating yoga into your fitness regime, is that you can really work the whole body in one class or session. So often I hear students say that they are using muscles in yoga they do not use at any other point in the day! 

What’s more, whether you are spiritual or just want to help calm your mind, yoga is a great way to do it. Some yogis love to practice meditation every day, and others just like to take a few moments to focus on their breath, to find some peace and stillness. Either way, we all need to take time in our lives to look after ourselves and this is a positive way to do it.

And of course, when all the sweating, shaking and hard work is done in yoga you get to indulge in Shavasana, the conscious relaxation section of a yoga class. 

So, with the New Year upon us, why not set yourself an intention to try something new in 2019. Forget all your preconceptions about yoga and give it a go yourself. 

See you on the mat!

Kate is the Founder of All About the Om – Yoga with Kate. She is a yoga teacher based in Frome in Somerset, offering group classes, 121 sessions and yoga and brunch events, perfect for all levels and experiences of yoga.