How to make your own yoga eye pillow

One of the things I know my students who cam to my F2F class (remember them!?) loved, was the relaxation at the end with an eye pillow. Here’s how you can make your own, for yourself or loved ones this festive season.

  1. Using the template below, cut out two rectangles of fabric – 18cm X 8cm. You can use any colours and patterns you like, but I would recommend using a cotton fabric.
  2. Give the fabric a quick iron, to make sure it is nice and flat. 
  3. Along one of the short ends of the rectangle of fabric, fold the correct side of the fabric over by approx. 1cm and iron flat. Do this to both rectangles of fabric.
  4. Place both of the rectangles of fabric together, with the correct side of the fabric facing inwards. Make sure the two folded edges are at the same end and are lining up.
  5. Using a sewing machine, stich around the three edges of the fabric (excluding the folded edge) so both pieces of fabric are now joined on three sides.
  6. Turn the fabric through so the correct side is now showing on the outside. Have a quick check that you have caught all the seams when you were sewing – we don’t want any gaps or holes!
  7. Half-fill the fabric with a grain, like rice or pearl barley. You can include something like dried lavender, or fragrant oils if you would like.
  8. Hold together the open edge and either sew together on a sewing machine, or if you want to be really neat, you can hand sew the ends together!
  9. And…relax!

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