Our New Branding

Enjoy this guest blog post from Louise at Little Bird Creative, the fab designer who created the new All About the Om look!

Taking time out to nurture your brand is often overlooked.

Your brand identity represents not only who you are but how you are viewed by
the world, and in social media terms, the world is always watching. With a
background in Marketing, Kate knew the importance of visual identity and the
need for a strong logo to reflect her yoga business, All About the Om.

A mere six months on from company registration and Kate has established a
healthy client base, who not only love her style of teaching, but her line of super
soft cotton vest tops and sweatshirts.

I was delighted when Kate approached me with this commission. Having initially
connected through the online forum, Wiltshire Women in Business, we arranged
to meet for coffee and talk through the brief. Kate was looking for a emblem,
something she could use both online and as a signature icon for her apparel.
With a clear idea expressed in pencil, I had my starting point; AOM, bold lines,
very simple. I was also keen to include the soft font used on the sweatshirts.

Kate had already created a recognisable logo but it wasn’t part of her stationery.
The final avatar design is a geometric contrast to this softness with simplicity at
it’s core. Bold, metallic lines convey balance, strength and unity with a dash of

Louise Scammell is Founder of Little Bird Creative @LittleBirdCreativeUK.

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