OM…What’s it all About? 

OM…what does it mean? I mean, really mean? You may well have chanted OM in a yoga class, but perhaps never really knew why, perhaps you even felt a bit silly and unsure. 

We are taught as yogis that OM is the sound of the universe; a vibration which reflects a wonderful union of mind, body and soul. 

This is such an incredible concept, such a beautiful meaning, but it can be a little tricky to get your head around – particularly if you’re new to yoga. 

OM can also mean so many different things to different people – I think that’s ok though. 

With chanting just as with asana practice and meditation, it’s important that what you’re doing and saying resonates with you. 

Considering OM is said to encompass the entire universe, for me it’s very much about love, happiness, reflection and kindness. When I bring self love and care into my own yoga practice I get so much more out of it. We can all be so hard on ourselves at times, but with yoga not only do you have the support of the mat beneath you, you have the support of the entire universe around you. You’re not being judged, so do not judge yourself. 

Practice with happiness, love and a kind heart – for yourself and those around you. 

So for me OM is about giving yourself a moment to look after you and look inwards to see what you need – being kind to yourself in this universe we are part of. 

When I use OM as a mantra in classes it’s such a beautiful sound and vibration – you can really feel the energy flowing through the room. You get to share your energy with others and absorb theirs too. 

Ask yourself, ‘What does OM mean to me?’ and the next time you’re in a class and chanting this gorgeous word, don’t worry about feeling silly, or like you don’t know what you’re doing. Take a moment to allow yourself to come back to its personal meaning to you and allow this to be your focus as you say…OM. 

Think kind thoughts.

Speak kind words.

Have a kind heart


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