Teachers’ Temple

I had the pleasure of recently attending a teachers’ temple day retreat with the awesome Steffy White. The event was held at 42 Acres in Shoreditch which was such a gorgeous venue – just the place to take some time to look inwards!

As a yoga teacher, sometimes your own practice goes out of the window a little as you strive to create the best classes for your students.

So this retreat was just what I needed.

Starting with a strong flow sequence, we built up a sweat and got moving. Then the retreat moved to more inward looking activities – Why did we choose to be yoga teachers? How do we really feel about being a teacher? Time to reflect.

A bit of a silent disco got us losing some of our inhibitions and getting our boogie on! (Also, turns out, it’s a really good cardio exercise!)

We even got to try some Acro Yoga which was a lot of fun!

Whoever you are and whatever you do, remember, it’s so important to look after yourselves.




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