Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata – it means “no worries for the rest of your days” so we are reliably informed by a talking meerkat and warthog.

You would be forgiven for thinking that as a yoga teacher I’m completely ‘zenned’ out all the time, humming the Lion King soundtrack to myself all day long, whilst floating on a cloud.

In reality, I’m human. Things annoy me, I get stressed, I get hurt, sometimes I don’t like myself and sometimes I feel pain over all other emotions.

Yoga teaches us to look inwards and for me that’s about acceptance. Accepting how I feel at times and going with it. Accepting myself, who I am and what I believe in. Accepting that I can’t always be relaxed about things. Accepting that not everyone is going to like me. Accepting that all the above is ok!

Yoga for me is about becoming more open, caring, loving, conscious and aware…with others, and yourself. Maybe it’s above giving yourself time to practice, granting yourself permission to do something you want, or evening pouring your heart out into words!

I guess it’s about breaking down negative ideas which hinder our own progression (in yoga and life!) For example “I get stressed so I could never be a yogi”, or “I’m not flexible, so I can’t practice yoga”. No one is perfect. I most certainly am not. I often say in my classes that yoga isn’t about self improvement, it’s about self acceptance.

So the next time I don’t feel like the ‘perfect’ example of a calm and composed yoga teacher, I’m going accept it and instead remember all the lovely people I get to teach. Who I smile with, giggle with, meditate with, listen to and who I help see their own worth and what they are capable of.



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