All About The Om

All About the Om yoga is all about giving yourself a moment to look after yourself and look inwards to see what you need – not to mention, have a really beautiful stretch!

If you’re looking for a friendly class, whatever your ability, All About the Om yoga classes with Kate are designed to be enjoyable and give you a chance to be you.

Om is a beautiful sound or vibration which is said to encompass the entire universe. So we can say it is about love, happiness, reflection and kindness – very much what my yoga classes are focused on.

Yoga is a great form of exercise for the body, mind and soul. Whether you want to increase your flexibility, or metaphorically (and sometimes literally!) give yourself a great big hug, yoga is a great way to do it.

Don’t worry if you think you need to have a headstand posture mastered or that you must be able to touch your toes – you don’t. Come with a fresh mind, an openness to learn about yourself and simply, try. It’s all about enjoyment.

Whatever point you are at today, it’s exactly where you need to be and it is the best starting point. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about turning up. If this sounds just like what you need, have a look at the classes section for more details or get in touch.

“Perfect YouTube tutorial – well explained, not too quickly run through either, and the right level of detail! I will practice!!!!xx” – Caroline.

Quick thank you for my first ever yoga class. LOVED it! Should have done it years ago!” – Ali

Thank you for such a lovely class. I saw the colours tonight so really Relaxing.” – Mandy

Kate is super talented, adaptable, kind and likeable. I couldn’t recommend her classes or yoga parties enough.” – Emma

I booked Kate to host a birthday yoga class for all my friends. She made everyone feel so welcome. There was a real mix of abilities with some people having never done yoga and some who do it really regularly. She made sure everyone could do all the exercises and even threw in some fun partner yoga which had everyone laughing. She ended the glass by giving everyone a homemade gift. It was so thoughtful and so pretty.” – Emma